Conducted in the heart of pioneer country,

young men will stretch as they... 


- Master challenging Group Leadership Projects

- Navigate rugged pioneer trails with inspiring stories

- Conquer military-style Leadership Reaction Courses

- Create and complete unique service projects that will stand as landmarks they can return and see

- Learn crucial people skills and leadership strategies

- Function without electronic devices

- Prepare meals from many countries (where they may end up serving) and serve them to a group of peers

- Maintain their own hotel/apartment room with routine inspections for high standards of cleanliness and order

- Learn coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety (huge factors in early returns)

- Receive instruction and mentorship from successful returned missionaries who tell it like it is

- Work with current missionaries actually serving in the field

- Develop a daily discipline routine (physical fitness training and scripture study)

- Participate in deep gospel discussions and in-depth scripture-based lessons

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